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The Real Danger of Congress Controlling the Fed

This past Tuesday, Richard Shelby, a republican senator from Alabama, introduced a draft bill to reform the Federal Reserve, a controversial topic across the entire political spectrum. While calls for further oversight of the Federal Reserve system are well intended, … Continue reading

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The Age of Information (Symmetry)

Two weeks ago, Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok published a fantastic essay on the end of asymmetric information, its affect on markets, and how policy makers should respond. There are lots of takeaways from the essay, but Cowen and Tabarrok’s … Continue reading

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Ignoring the Problem: California’s Water Crisis Continued

On Students For Liberty’s blog I recently wrote an article on California’s water crisis where I explain how water markets are not to blame for the water shortage and that if California really wants to end the water crisis, it must change the … Continue reading

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The Hydra Effect

This post was written originally for the Student’s for Liberty website in conjunction with their new campaign this September, ‘End the Drug War.’ Checkout for more great posts from other writers. In mythology, Hercules’ second feat involved killing the … Continue reading

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