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Debt, Greece, and Democracy

Joseph Stiglitz recently wrote in the Guardian how the European Union and International Monetary Fund’s treatment of Greece was anti-democratic.  I disagree, because the current ‘Grexit’ crisis is not a bug, but a feature of the political and democratic process … Continue reading

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Reminder: Freedom of Speech is Not Just for the Left

As discussed in the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s (EFF) blog post, the EFF and American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) recently won a decisive victory for the 1st amendment in a case that best demonstrates the need to defend Freedom of Speech, … Continue reading

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Student Government as a Case Study for Public Choice Theory and Democracy

John Hopkins’ student government recently ‘banned’ Chick-fil-A, the chicken sandwich fast food restaurant based out of Georgia, from opening a franchise in the school’s new student union. The school’s LGBTQ group and aligning activists hailed the decision as a victory … Continue reading

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Mass Surveillance Increases the Risk of Terror

An article on The Intercept covered an argument privacy advocates under-use: large dragnet based surveillance creates a ‘needle in the haystack’ effect. Given the nature of dragnet data collection, surveillance agencies loose the capacity to distinguish meaningful intelligence from the … Continue reading

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Government Crisis in Burundi

I have not seen too much discussion on this, but after a failed coup, Burundi’s government is struggling with a question of legitimacy. The coup was a response to President Pierre Nkurunziza’s claim to another term, which, according to the … Continue reading

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4/20: ‘Abolish the War on Drugs’ Day

I think most people sit in one of two camps when it comes to April 20th: either you absolutely hate it or you love it. On one hand, some people are extremely obnoxious about it. On the other, the jokes … Continue reading

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