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Not Lacking Links

SCOTUS rules in favor of raisin farmer, overturns ‘New Deal’ era law Created in 1937, The Agriculture Marketing Agreement Act was one of the several ‘New Deal’ laws passed under FDR’s administration with the intention of revitalizing the economy. After … Continue reading

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Economics Travelogue #6

I began working for Independent Institute (no longer The Independent Institute) last week here in Oakland, and the experience so far has been a real eye opener. Only 17 days into June, and I have already traveled the full length of … Continue reading

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Economists Misunderstand What They Teach

A popular theorem within economics comes from Ronald Coase, an economist who won the Nobel for his analysis of the firm and revitalization of institutional analysis. The Coase Theorem, as vocalized by George Stigler, suggests that so long as transaction … Continue reading

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The End of Death

This post was inspired by an article I read a while back on From drone deliveries to self-driving cars, automatization of daily life activities makes accidental death a thing of the past. Car crashes are a normal part of … Continue reading

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Reminder: Freedom of Speech is Not Just for the Left

As discussed in the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s (EFF) blog post, the EFF and American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) recently won a decisive victory for the 1st amendment in a case that best demonstrates the need to defend Freedom of Speech, … Continue reading

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Economics Travelogue #5

I am currently sitting at Reagan Washington National Airport with three hours to burn till I take my flight to Oakland, California. The KFP opening seminar finished up last night and everyone went their separate ways across the states or … Continue reading

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