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The End of Death

This post was inspired by an article I read a while back on From drone deliveries to self-driving cars, automatization of daily life activities makes accidental death a thing of the past. Car crashes are a normal part of … Continue reading

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Mass Surveillance Increases the Risk of Terror

An article on The Intercept covered an argument privacy advocates under-use: large dragnet based surveillance creates a ‘needle in the haystack’ effect. Given the nature of dragnet data collection, surveillance agencies loose the capacity to distinguish meaningful intelligence from the … Continue reading

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On April 24th, the St. Louis Federal Reserve’s popular data service, FRED, was hacked by unidentified assailants. For those who do not know, the Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) is a data aggregation and presentation service provided solely by the … Continue reading

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The Age of Information (Symmetry)

Two weeks ago, Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok published a fantastic essay on the end of asymmetric information, its affect on markets, and how policy makers should respond. There are lots of takeaways from the essay, but Cowen and Tabarrok’s … Continue reading

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Marginal Utility and Clash of Clans

Everyone knows that when you download a free game on your phone, there is a solid chance it will try to get you to buy some type of ‘power ups’ to make playing more fun. While your decision to buy … Continue reading

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New Study Shows the Effects of Government Surveillance on Americans

A recent study by the Pew Research Center called “Americans’ Privacy Strategies Post-Snowden” asked Americans how they have changed their behavior after learning about the Snowden leaks. The results show that while the number of individuals taking serious steps are … Continue reading

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