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Debt, Greece, and Democracy

Joseph Stiglitz recently wrote in the Guardian how the European Union and International Monetary Fund’s treatment of Greece was anti-democratic.  I disagree, because the current ‘Grexit’ crisis is not a bug, but a feature of the political and democratic process … Continue reading

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Student Government as a Case Study for Public Choice Theory and Democracy

John Hopkins’ student government recently ‘banned’ Chick-fil-A, the chicken sandwich fast food restaurant based out of Georgia, from opening a franchise in the school’s new student union. The school’s LGBTQ group and aligning activists hailed the decision as a victory … Continue reading

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Government Crisis in Burundi

I have not seen too much discussion on this, but after a failed coup, Burundi’s government is struggling with a question of legitimacy. The coup was a response to President Pierre Nkurunziza’s claim to another term, which, according to the … Continue reading

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Goodluck and Institutional Progress in Nigeria

At face, electing a military dictator may not fit the western conception of political progress. In Nigeria, however, the successful presidential election of Muhammadu Buhari serves as an encouraging sign of political progress. Despite his former role as Nigeria’s military dictator, Buhari’s … Continue reading

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The US Government is Stealing More Native Land

Originally written for the Students For Liberty Blogging Series, posted here on 1.1.15. Happy New Year! It would be redundant to list in a single article the plethora of abuses that the federal government has enabled, participated in, or alone … Continue reading

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Lessons from Hong Kong

This was originally written for the Students for Liberty blogging series, posted here on 11.14.14. Over five weeks ago, students, young professionals, and individuals of countless backgrounds in Hong Kong began to protest the puppet government being created by the mainland … Continue reading

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