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Book Review: Living Economics

Peter Boettke is an economist out of George Mason University and he specializes in the history of economic thought and institutional economics. Boettke was lucky enough to study under many notable economists, such as James Buchanan, Israel Kirzner, Gordon Tullock, … Continue reading

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Book Review: Structure and Change in Economic History

For economic historians, the ability to write well comes almost as second nature. For Douglass C. North, the author and Nobel winning economist behind Structure and Change in Economic History, this is no exception. Published in 1981, Structure and Change in … Continue reading

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Economists Misunderstand What They Teach

A popular theorem within economics comes from Ronald Coase, an economist who won the Nobel for his analysis of the firm and revitalization of institutional analysis. The Coase Theorem, as vocalized by George Stigler, suggests that so long as transaction … Continue reading

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Student Government as a Case Study for Public Choice Theory and Democracy

John Hopkins’ student government recently ‘banned’ Chick-fil-A, the chicken sandwich fast food restaurant based out of Georgia, from opening a franchise in the school’s new student union. The school’s LGBTQ group and aligning activists hailed the decision as a victory … Continue reading

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Book Review: Why Nations Fail

Finished this book recently and wanted to make a general review on it. I will do my best to make a relatively small summation of a mammoth of a book. Why I chose it: I really really like new institutional … Continue reading

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The Environment and Property Rights

I did not have the time to write something for Earth Day, but luckily the Cato institute published an extremely balanced and explanatory article on the difficulties with creating and debating environmental policies. The problem is not a matter of … Continue reading

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