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Book Review: Living Economics

Peter Boettke is an economist out of George Mason University and he specializes in the history of economic thought and institutional economics. Boettke was lucky enough to study under many notable economists, such as James Buchanan, Israel Kirzner, Gordon Tullock, … Continue reading

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Economic Modeling: Societal Preferences and Government

A book I just recently finished, After War: the Political Economy of Exporting Democracy, has a lot of insight into the institutional and behavioral theory behind reconstruction (e.g. the nation building in Iraq and Afghanistan). One of the explanations given by Coyne, … Continue reading

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Book Review: After War

There is a popular joke in academia about the ‘imperialism’ of economics. Just about any topic and field has been covered by economists in one way or another, and with Chris Coyne’s After War: the Political Economy of Exporting Democracy, nation building … Continue reading

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