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Book Review: Living Economics

Peter Boettke is an economist out of George Mason University and he specializes in the history of economic thought and institutional economics. Boettke was lucky enough to study under many notable economists, such as James Buchanan, Israel Kirzner, Gordon Tullock, … Continue reading

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Book Review: Structure and Change in Economic History

For economic historians, the ability to write well comes almost as second nature. For Douglass C. North, the author and Nobel winning economist behind Structure and Change in Economic History, this is no exception. Published in 1981, Structure and Change in … Continue reading

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Economics Travelogue #4

The first speaker encountered at the KFP seminar was Donald Critchlow, a prestigious professor who has taught at SLU, Notre Dame, ASU (currently); founded the Journal of Policy History (published by Cambridge), and is the director for the Center for … Continue reading

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History Through the Western Canon

The Truth is rarely pure, and never simple – Oscar Wilde can· on noun \ˈka-nən\ a general law, rule, principle, or criterion by which something is judged. Human progress has been a constant stream of oppression, struggle, death, and finally, … Continue reading

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The Prometheus of Genesis

Wrote this for school, we had to choose a story from genesis to interpret ourselves and find an alternative meaning. This is mine. As usual, any criticism is welcomed:   The Interpretations The orthodox interpretation of the Tower of Babylon … Continue reading

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