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The Age of Information (Symmetry)

Two weeks ago, Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok published a fantastic essay on the end of asymmetric information, its affect on markets, and how policy makers should respond. There are lots of takeaways from the essay, but Cowen and Tabarrok’s … Continue reading

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Not Lacking Links

Last week’s miscellanea: 8th Grader being charged with felony for ‘hacking’ Within the tech community most people know about the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986, a federal law that is used to heavily prosecute individuals for using computers … Continue reading

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The Environment and Property Rights

I did not have the time to write something for Earth Day, but luckily the Cato institute published an extremely balanced and explanatory article on the difficulties with creating and debating environmental policies. The problem is not a matter of … Continue reading

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4/20: ‘Abolish the War on Drugs’ Day

I think most people sit in one of two camps when it comes to April 20th: either you absolutely hate it or you love it. On one hand, some people are extremely obnoxious about it. On the other, the jokes … Continue reading

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Marginal Utility and Clash of Clans

Everyone knows that when you download a free game on your phone, there is a solid chance it will try to get you to buy some type of ‘power ups’ to make playing more fun. While your decision to buy … Continue reading

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Streisand Effect Continued

I recently wrote about the Streisand Effect and the Indiana Pizza parlor that refuses to cater gay marriages. While not connected to the situation in Indiana, I thought I would mention this funny news story. Turns out that in Obama’s recent (and poorly … Continue reading

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