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Economics Travelogue #3

This year, after over a dozen failed applications to various organizations, I applied to the Koch Fellowship Program (KFP) through the Charles Koch Institute (CKI) for an opportunity to do economic/policy research with a think tank in the United States. … Continue reading

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Mass Surveillance Increases the Risk of Terror

An article on The Intercept covered an argument privacy advocates under-use: large dragnet based surveillance creates a ‘needle in the haystack’ effect. Given the nature of dragnet data collection, surveillance agencies loose the capacity to distinguish meaningful intelligence from the … Continue reading

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The Economy is Not Alright

Just an observation, in one part obvious, the other more in minutia: Anecdotally, the US economy increasingly relies on the press releases of the US Fed and similarly powerful institutions. While these organizations significantly affect the economic performance of markets, … Continue reading

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On April 24th, the St. Louis Federal Reserve’s popular data service, FRED, was hacked by unidentified assailants. For those who do not know, the Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) is a data aggregation and presentation service provided solely by the … Continue reading

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Economics Travelogue #2

After three days of socializing and watching lectures, I must say that FEE and CISC’s Communicating Capitalism seminar was a resounding success. Attracting students and young adults from Nepal, Ecuador, Brasil, India, Turkey, China, and Russia, the seminar hosted speakers Mark Lebar, … Continue reading

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Economics Travelogue #1

With everything I will be doing this summer, I think a travelogue will be a fun way of reflecting on what I learn and see. I am currently at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on layover, waiting for a plane to … Continue reading

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