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Originally published on Studentsforliberty.org on 10.2.14, check them out for more on the Drug War and beyond. To the average American, criminal gangs and the violence they court seem to be irrational and inexplicable phenomena. The violence perpetuated by these … Continue reading

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The Hydra Effect

This post was written originally for the Student’s for Liberty website in conjunction with their new campaign this September, ‘End the Drug War.’ Checkout Studentsforliberty.org for more great posts from other writers. In mythology, Hercules’ second feat involved killing the … Continue reading

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Flags, Anthems, and Reality

This Fourth of July is much like every one prior. There’s a unifying sense of solidarity in this nation, irregardless of political alignment, wealth, and race. This nation has been through thick and thin, and as such, we celebrate our … Continue reading

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