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Economics Travelogue #6

I began working for Independent Institute (no longer The Independent Institute) last week here in Oakland, and the experience so far has been a real eye opener. Only 17 days into June, and I have already traveled the full length of … Continue reading

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Not Lacking Links

Last week’s miscellanea: Witness of Walter Scott’s murder speaks out Feidin Santana was the individual that recorded the brutal murder of Walter Scott, an unarmed 50 y.o. black male, by a North Carolina police officer and has come out to … Continue reading

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California’s Water Crisis: How Markets Can Save the Environment

Originally written for the Students For Liberty Blogging Series, posted here on 4.1.15. California looms at the precipice of a water crisis unseen in the history of the region.  While many commentators and politicians are quick to blame markets for … Continue reading

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Ignoring the Problem: California’s Water Crisis Continued

On Students For Liberty’s blog I recently wrote an article on California’s water crisis where I explain how water markets are not to blame for the water shortage and that if California really wants to end the water crisis, it must change the … Continue reading

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