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Cameras Won’t Solve Police Brutality

This was originally written for the Students for Liberty blogging series, posted here on 10.7.14 Addendum 12.3.14: In light of the Grand Jury decisions regarding Mike Brown and especially Eric Garner, who’s death was caught entirely on recording, it should … Continue reading

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Ferguson October and Police Brutality

For SFL’s blogging series, I had the wonderful opportunity of interviewing Chelsea McCoy and her friend Greg Fister over their experience with civil disobedience in St. Louis. Three weeks ago, they helped take part in the beginning of Ferguson October, a … Continue reading

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Watchmen Watching

Originally published in the Index of Kirksville, MO on 9.11.14 Four weeks since Michael Brown’s murder in Ferguson, Missouri, and tensions are finally falling to a simmer. What started as a shooting of a 18 year old black male had … Continue reading

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