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4/20: ‘Abolish the War on Drugs’ Day

I think most people sit in one of two camps when it comes to April 20th: either you absolutely hate it or you love it. On one hand, some people are extremely obnoxious about it. On the other, the jokes … Continue reading

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Streisand Effect Continued

I recently wrote about the Streisand Effect and the Indiana Pizza parlor that refuses to cater gay marriages. While not connected to the situation in Indiana, I thought I would mention this funny news story. Turns out that in Obama’s recent (and poorly … Continue reading

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Homophobic Pizzerias and the Streisand Effect

It seems that every day now there is a news article on the internet about X company doing X discrimination or not believing X thing, and as a result, wants to discriminate towards a group of people. The results are … Continue reading

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Ferguson October and Police Brutality

For SFL’s blogging series, I had the wonderful opportunity of interviewing Chelsea McCoy and her friend Greg Fister over their experience with civil disobedience in St. Louis. Three weeks ago, they helped take part in the beginning of Ferguson October, a … Continue reading

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