Officer Charged with Murder After Shooting 50 y.o. Walter Scott 8 Times in the Back

Heads up, the video is uncensored

Walter Scott shooting from The Post and Courier on Vimeo.

Here is a link to the Guardian article where I first saw this story.

Quoting the Guardian:

A white North Charleston police officer in South Carolina has been charged with murder in the fatal shooting of a 50 year-old black man on Saturday, marking a remarkably swift move for justice in a fatal police incident.

Footage of the shooting, which occurred around 9.30 am after Walter Scott was pulled over for a traffic violation, shows officer Michael Slager firing eight times at Scott, who is running away. Slager initially told police he shot Scott because he feared for his life while the two fought over Slager’s stun gun.

After Scott is shot, the video also appears to show the police officer picking an object off the ground and dropping it next to Scott’s body. Scott does not appear in possession of the stun gun at any point in the video.

Thoughts go out to Scott’s family and friends.

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