Ferguson October and Police Brutality

For SFL’s blogging series, I had the wonderful opportunity of interviewing Chelsea McCoy and her friend Greg Fister over their experience with civil disobedience in St. Louis. Three weeks ago, they helped take part in the beginning of Ferguson October, a month dedicated to the protest of police brutality and subjugation of the black community. From overuse of force by police, being denied water and food for over 12 hours, and being detained for 16 hours, here’s their experience as told by themselves. For a full transcript visit: http://studentsforliberty.org/blog/2014/10/31/video-interview-students-arrested-during-ferguson-october/#more-41516

For more on events from that night: http://rt.com/usa/195356-ferguson-october-protest-arrested/

For more on Students for Liberty: StudentsForLiberty.org

For more on Ferguson October: FergusonOctober.org

About Elias Garcia

18 y.o. Male Missouri, USA I like reading history, philosophy, literature, and other things that often make people snore.
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